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Bhutan Thori Tours
Post Box 119, Babena Samteling, Thimphu
Kingdom of Bhutan
Tel Bhutan office: +975 1741 1991
Tel Australian office: +61 408 609 629

Arts & Crafts in Bhutan

The style of Bhutanese arts and crafts has survived through the ages, passed down as per tradition from the master craftsman to the disciple. Bhutanese craftsmen still follow the methods of the Zorig Chusum (thirteen aspects of arts & crafts), a system first introduced by the Zhabdrung.

Examples of its unique characteristics are visible in everything from traditional structures like houses, monasteries and fortresses to murals, masks, costumes, textiles and the menacing phalluses adorning the walls of traditional Bhutanese houses. The Institute of Zorig Chusum currently administered by the Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs, perseveres to keep this tradition alive.


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Bhutan Thori Tours
Babena Samteling, Thimphu,
Post Box 119, Thimphu
Kingdom of Bhutan

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Bhutan office:
+975 1741 1991 or
+975 7730 4967

Australian office:
+61 408 609 629

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